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PmWiki 1.0 1.0.x 2.0 Upgrading From PmWiki 1

1. release notes



'backupPmWikiPmWikiwiki.d/ ( config.php'localmap.txt)



tar -xvzf tgzfilepmwiki-x.y.z PmWiki



cp -a pmwiki-x.y.z/. pmwiki

Note that BSD systems will not have the -a option as a command-line argument for cp, but that's okay, since it's just shorthand for cp -dpR, so use that instead of -a.

Some environments have an alias established for cp that enable interactive prompts before overwriting a file. To work around this specify the absolute path to cp, such as /bin/cp.

On (some) FreeBSD servers and Mac OS X systems you need to use

cp -Rpv pmwiki-x.y.z/. pmwiki


5. recipes


PmWiki:Site Analyzerrecipes

PmWikipmwiki.phpscripts/PmWiki ( )

(Local customizations? should go in local/config.php, pub/css, and pub/skins/yourskinname)

Note: Additional tips can be found on the PmWiki:Troubleshooting page.

How can I determine what version of PmWiki I'm running now?

See version? - .

How can I test a new version of PmWiki on my wiki without changing the prior version used by visitors?

The easy way to do this is to install the new version in a separate directory, and for the new version set (in local/config.php):

    $WikiLibDirs = array(&$WikiDir,
      new PageStore('/path/to/existing/wiki.d/{$FullName}'),
      new PageStore('wikilib.d/{$FullName}'));

This lets you test the new version using existing page content without impacting the existing site or risking modification of the pages. (Of course, any recipes or local customizations have to be installed in the new version as well.)

Then, once you're comfortable that the new version seems to work as well as the old, it's safe to upgrade the old version (and one knows of any configuration or page changes that need to be made).

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