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This page covers all the inline markup character combinations. If you are new to wiki markup, visit Edit Getting Started first.


For emphasis, enclose text in doubled single-quotes (''text''), i.e., two apostrophes (usually italics).

For strong emphasis, enclose text in tripled single-quotes ('''text'''), i.e. three apostrophes (usually bold).

For really strong emphasis, enclose text in five single-quotes ('''''text'''''), i.e. five apostrophes (triples within doubles, usually bold italics).

Text size

For larger text, use [+large+] for large text and [++larger++] for larger text.

For smaller text, use [-small-] for small text, and [--smaller--] for smaller text.

Alternatively, use '+big+' and '-small-' for big and small text respectively.

Typewriter tricks

For monospaced text, enclose text in doubled at-signs (@@text@@ -- usually a typewriter font).

For superscripts and subscripts, use '^superscript^' and '_subscript_' for a superscript and subscript respectively.


To mark revisions, use {+insert or underscore+} and {-delete or strikethrough or strikeout-} for insert or underscore and delete or strikethrough or strikeout respectively.

Suppress markup

PmWiki will not interpret anything placed between [= and =] or [@ and @] marks. This makes it possible to turn off special character markup, such as '+bigger text+' or to neutralise WikiWords that are not links (although it's easier is to use a backtick "`" in front, like `WikiWord).

Special characters

PmWiki interprets &...; as a character reference. This can be an HTML entity, such as ¶ for ¶, or a numeric reference, such as ¥ for ¥. If other authors will be editing pages you write, it may be better to use character entities rather than numeric references. When editing a page, it is easier to recognise ½ than ½ although both display as ½.

Commonly entities include ™ (™), ® (®), © (©), ¼ (¼), ½ (½), ¾ (¾), and € (€).


For more advanced text formatting options, see Wiki Styles.

This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:CharacterMarkup, and a talk page: PmWiki:CharacterMarkup-Talk.

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