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Zapon was a plastic material, made by the Zapon Division of Atlas Powder Company of Stamford, Conn. This illustration from August 1936 issue of Luggage and Leather Goods, page 43, illustrates bags by Julius Resnick for Fall 1936.

The onset of war quickly brought on restrictions on use of chemicals and materials in non-defense related industries. Supplies of vinyl were still available when this full page ad appeared in the February 1942 Luggage and Leather Goods, pag 49. This shirred vinyl "underarm" bag from Harmony Bag Co.was all the rage!

Zapon Carries On

"According to J. H. Siteman, sales manager of the Zapon Division of Atlas Powder Company, every effort is being made to keep the handbag industry well supplied with the various types of simulated leather made by the Zapon Division. Although many of the chemicals and solvents used in the manufacture of Zapon products are on the priorities list, the requirements of the handbag trade have been anticipated and at present no great shortage exists. In additfon, the vast research department of this great organization have been at work for some time and are fast developing substitutes for the materials which may be unavailable in a short time.
Mr. Siteman suggests that handbag manufacturers and buyers concentrate on fewer colors in order to conserve pigment. On the other hand, he believes that handbags, and attractive ones, are necessary to our morale, and should continue to be an important fashion accessory. (February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 58)

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