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1954 Address: New Showroom

Walborg Corporation
149 Madison Avenue
New York NY

The gossip column of the January 1954 Handbags & Accessories included pictures of the celebration of the new showrooms of the Walborg Corp.

A toast also to Hilde Walborg (Walborg Corp.) who recently moved her firm to new showrooms at 149 Madison Ave. Mrs. Walborg was "hostess with the mostes' on the ball" at a cocktail party held just before the holidays for all her trade friends.

Lawrence Noveck has been appointed Eastern area representative for Lennox Handbags, St. Louis. LennoxHandbags He continues as representative for Deitsch Bros. Leather Goods Corp. DeitschBros, and Walborg Corp. (January 1955 Handbags & Accessories, page 58)

The March 1955 issue of Handbags & Accessories included this Walborg display ad.

Beauvais beaded items are highlighted in an accessories story in the May 1955 issue of Handbags & Accessories. This style of tiny chain stitch silk embroidery, surrounded by equally minute alabaster beads had been done in Europe before WWII and it is likely these bags were imported from there. By the end of the decade, labor cost would large shift this work to the Far East.

The October 1955 "Handbags & Accessories" stressed gift possibilities for store buyers to stock for The Holidays. (page 28)

Accent glamour in your boutique items
Feature the unusual, the gay, the pretty in gift merchandise

GLEAM of rhinestones. Left, barrel, completely studded, gold frame and chain; right, carry-all of satin studded top and bottom. Walborg

The same October 1955 issue includes this quarter page ad on page 35.

IMPORTED and BEADED COCKTAIL BAGS Designed for fashion . . . Priced for volume

• Elegant slim silhouettes in beaded bags
• Finest Rhinestone clutches and pouches
• Exquisite Boutique purse accessories
• Distinctive and unusual styles in fine Antelope

Accessory market round-up

"At Walborg a group of boutique-type bags is available. An entire rhine-stone group is featured here, as well as mochas, antelopes and beaded versions. The latter include a delicate pink with white, chalk with crystal. A new copper shade is also interesting."

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 36

These masterful and rare examples of the beadwork from Walborg is probably from the 1950s. The black poodle sold at auction for $1400, the large white poodle with puppy coin purse sold for $2000. [[ |Doyle New York]]

The 1960s
Display ad June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories," page 53

The 60's saw Walborg importing from the Far East.

A00225: There is nothing fragile about this substantially constructed black beaded handbag by Walborg Japan. The curvilinear design with triangular accents reminds me of the top of the Empire State Building, rendered in round glass beads and faceted short glass tubular beads which highlight the design’s curves. The design is identical front and back. The 1” wide 11” handle is fully beaded, top and bottom. The bag’s interior is fully lined in spotless black satin. There is a large central plastic zip pocket that divides the interior in half. The bag has expandable side gussets so it holds more than one might expect! Measures 6 x 1 3/4 x 5 1/2”.

Valued at $95 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

A00224: This charming Gold Beaded bag by Walborg Taiwan features 3 dimensional beaded flowers on the front of the bag, best appreciated in the detail picture. The gold metal frame is embellished front and back with 1/2” wide Lucite panels embossed with gold roses. The interior is fully lined in spotless gold satin with a single open pocket. The elegant oval hasps are both trimmed with a large inset rhinestone. The handle is 14” gold snake chain. Slight apparent darkening of a few of the bottom beads may actually be an optical trick of the light, as it appears only at right angle turns in the beaded design. It’s a stunning bag in excellent condition. Measures 8 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 5 1/2”.

Valued at $85 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

Walborg's line didn't end with beaded bags. This beautiful floral needlepoint and leather bag dates from the 1960s. It measures 11 1/2 x 11 x 3" with a 14" handle. Estimate $90

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