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Location August 1956:
Virex Plastics
830 Broadway
New York 3, N.Y.
GRamercy 3-3160

Laminate vinyl was such a 50s thing and so many classic Mid-Century Modern looks relied on this new material for their trendy glamour. This full page ad on page 6 of "Handbags & Accessories," August 1956 highlighted same swatches by Vitex Plastics whose distinctive fabrics embodied this important 50s trend.\\

As an example, a Fre-Mor Fre-MorMfgCorp pinstripe laminate vinyl pouch bag with clear lucite handle!\\

your newest resource for laminates suggests dramatic BLACK in a wide choice of exclusive designs for fall.

"They've been wonderful for spring. There's been some question about their use for fall. We say they can be even greater for fall. We have the most exciting, the most luxurious, the most fashionable collection of designs for fall and the early cruise season that you've ever seen. They're available in blacks and fall colors for immediate delivery. They're processed in continuous clear lamination. They can make your line! We invite your immediate inquiry on the patterns shown. We have many more. Call, write, wire for information on the most exciting new ideas to appear in the handbag industry in many a day. Be among the first to feature and profit with Vitex Plastics."

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