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Location June 1956:
Tropical Handbag Co.
836 South West Fifth Street
Miami 36, Florida

Display ad Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 69

unbeatable genuine alligator handbags at an astonishing $57 a dozen
''"This is what you've been waiting: for. You can't miss with these bag assortments. Terrific for your FALL PROMOTIONS at $57 a dozen.
Our better bags at bottom. All bags have combination shoulder straps, are Swedette lined, in natural or brown, most with or without heads. Minimum order 1 dozen. Write, wire, call for catalog showing 85 numbers:"''

Accessory market round-up

ALLIGATOR in two versions, bag at left with double flap and alligator head; the one at right with double pointed flap and turn lock. Tropical Handbags, Miami. (Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 58)

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