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Location December 1959 to 1961:

Theodore Rendl
Rendl Original
165 Madison Ave.
New York City

Large travel bags priced over $25 inhabited a full page feature in the December 1959 Handbags & Accessories, page 46.

Have Large Roomy Bag Can Travel

"A bag that travels must be large and roomy with many pockets both inside and out. All types of leathers are being shown for resort and travel wear. Styling leans toward the tailored look and colors know no bounds. The shoulder strap is back!"

"EXQUISITE Eiderdown calf bag has adjustable shoulder strap and roomy outside pocket. Bag is separated into two compartments. Alongside is stunning ostrich pouch with single handle. Theodore Rendl, 165 Madison Ave."

One of the most fashionably smart and exquisite bags seen all season is the Navo calf Eiderdown carried by Theodore Rendl, Inc., 165 Madison Avenue. The magnificent bag has outside pocket arrangement, adjustable shoulder strap and two compartments.
In the extremely wide array of beautiful spring alligator numbers, small pouchy, evening and oversized bags were paramount. The evening bags are dressed with an imported frame and Chinese lock. Many of the large ones have their own passport cases and, if adorned with a chain, the links are Florentine finished.

All bags are also available in ostrich, lizagator, lizard and calf. Retail starts at $32.50. (December 1959 Handbags & Accessories, page 50)

The 1960s

Alligator styles by various makers for Fall 1961 were highlighted on page 30 of the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories," including this example for Theodore Rendle.

Elegant Alligator in a spacious semi-pouch tailored bag has a tab closing ond detailed frame interest. Shown at Theodore Rendle, 165 Madison Ave.

The HANDBAG BRIEFS column on page 53 of the June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories" points to the elegant and sleek designs of Rendl's Fall line. The starting price of $99.50 translates to $578 2006 dollars and explains why these bags were held so dear by their owners. They are still highly prized by collectors today.

"Elegant alligators in black and brown are featured in Rendl's, 165 Madison Ave., fall line. Large, roomy handbags with concealed and minimized closings in pouches, envelopes and travel bags start at $99.50. Sport bags with flap closings, envelopes with lucite handles, east-west with practically no trim, dressy bags with florentine finish trim, expertly finished and lined, make this a classic collection."

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