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Full page ad in Luggage and Leather Goods, August 1936, page 64a:

Preparations for wartime materials restrictions began within a month of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Talon's metal zippers were restricted for military use, so alternitives like the plastic zipper were proposed to provide its customers in non-military industries with alternatives. (February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, Page 68)

New Ideas in Handbag Styling

"To encourage new and practical applications of Talon fasteners on handbags, Talon, Inc., has developed a series of sketches incorporating unique and interesting ideas. Many of the suggested uses are especially adapted to the new plastic slide fastener.
This is not a designing service—the sketches do not illustrate actual handbag styles—they are only intended to show new closure techniques around which manufacturers can develop their own designs. In addition to providing more effective closures, a good many of these constructional ideas lend themselves to new design treatments. The series of 38 ideas will be of interest to designers because of their fresh viewpoint.
The sketches are now being distributed among handbag manufacturers, and retailers will do well to keep a weather-eye peeled for these new promotional features when they appear in the market."

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