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Location December 1959:
Straw World
347 Fifth Ave.
New York City

Cruise Wear Varies For Day and Evening
A varied assortment of bags is necessary to a woman traveler. Both day and evening bags are needed as are roomy bags designed particularly for travel. $10 - $25
(Handbags & Accessories December 1959, page 48)

"MUSICAL MOTIFS under glass decorate straw tote bag with double self-handles at the left. A wicker basket with charming sea shell ornaments and a wicker handle seen at the right. From Straw World, 347 Fifth Ave."


Imported bags trimmed in the United States are shown at Straw World, 347 Fifth Ave. Included in the assortment are wicker baskets trimmed with cowhide in natural or white and ornamented with flowers under glass and some of the same trimmed with gold kid. Straw tote bags with novelty flowers or motifs under straw are special features here. (Handbags & Accessories December 1959, page 52)

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