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Straeter Lite-On America exhibited Handbags, imported from Holland with a 3-way illumination feature at the January 1954 Handbags & Accessories Show in New York 1954JanuaryHandbagsAccessoriesShow. The built-in lighting fixture illuminates face for make-up, inner contents and illuminates externally through decorative opening while bag is closed. Bags shown in a number of smart styles.

This limited designer handbag is done in navy blue leather. The handbag has several very fine needlepoint size scratches on the front but is in remarkably good shape. The three lights work perfectly. The metal inside is 24 carat gold finish with stunning etched detail. Behind the mirror is a little secret compartment. Each side has a place for a lipstick tube that has a magnet on the bottom to secure the tube from falling out. Lovely red leather interior with two open pockets trimmed with blue leather. To change the two "C" size batteries all you need to do is pull the top latch up and it will release the metal structure. The mechanics are very phenomenal and it was made in Germany! A Collectors Dream! For itís 52 years the handbag looks STUNNING! Measures 10" W x 7" H. Excellent Condition

This rare bag is available for sale at Vintage in Style for $850.

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