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Location July 1947:

Society Hand Bag Co.
48 West 21st.
New York 10, NY

Display ad page 53 Handbags Illustrated July 1942.

Display ad "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 44

The "What's New in Handbags" column of the same issue included news about Society Hand Bag's Fall 1949 line. These styles retailed for $5 and $7.95.

"Kip strikingly tailored has extended body and flap outlined by golden banding and frame which is an original patented design. Lift lock fits into metal eyelet. Soft gussets make it roomy. Adjustable shoulder strap."

Disappearing Handles Add Intrigue To Kip and Calf in Popular Prices

"A three-way bag to fit all tastes in carrying methods is being shown by one popular-price house. The bag is a horizontal shape with covered frame and disappearing cut-out handles which pull up from their slots both front and back and when not in use descend beneath the level of the frame to turn the bag into a clutch model. Its medium size, however, is just large enough to tuck comfortably under the arm as well.
The ubiquitous satchel with luggage handle here has a curved body, gold frame and lock and four gold nailheads on bottom to protect the leather when the bag is set down. Another tricky style is a domed box trimmed with twisted gold spikes at each end of the double handles.
There are also pouches, some with divided frames, and other box and vanity types with overlapping handles and similar style points. Many have inside zipper sections.
Most of these bags are made of fine kip but some are of genuine calfskin at slightly higher price level. The latter are also leather lined with leather piping on the inside pockets. Their quality combined with their fashion -details make these groups naturals for special promotions.

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