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Location February 1950:

Schaefer Machine Co.
57 Carbon Street
Bridgeport, Conn.
If you have ever wondered about the process of making bags, this ad is quite informative. Fabrics of all kinds were bonded to board backings before parts were cut.

Display ad February 1950 "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 100.

Schaefer Gluers and Cementers
Faille, calf, suede, reptile, felt, leatherette, cardboard, paper and backed plastic are latex-cemented neatly and rapidly.
No excess cement to soak thru faille or to distort leather or board. Uncoated side of sheet stays clean. No blisters.
Practical for edge and full one-side sheet cementing. Easy to use. Simple to adjust. Quickly cleaned. Sizes: 3", 8", 11" wide.
Many users have proven to their satisfaction that cement and labor are saved when one side of sheets are latex-cemented for instant wet lamination.
Save costly racking and double coating, needed with rubber cement. Speed-up your production.


Practical for Ladies Handbags

Categories: Materials Machinery

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