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The SUPPLIERS column of the February 1950 "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" announced a newly improved plastic embossing process developed by Rogers Corporation of Manchester, Connecticutt on page 111.

Rogers Corporation Develops Plastic Embossing Technique

''Improved methods of embossing vinyl and similar plastics sheeting are made possible with a new type of embossing bed board developed by Rogers Corporation, Manchester, Conn. The new beds reduce make-ready time, increase production rates by 60% and produce a better quality impression.

It takes only two hours to make an embossing bed out of the Rogers board as compared with the more than eight hours required for the conventional bed using binders board type material. The special technique used to produce the bed results in a firm bed, embossed to full length, that will not change its dimensions. Its uniform thickness eliminates the old problem of building up the bed's thickness here and there to compensate for the thickness variations of the binders type boards.

Because of its dimensional stability, the Rogers board bed will not shrink and may be stored and reused at a later date without any additional preparation. It will not pull apart, or delaminate, a problem common with binders board. In addition the actual embossing time is reduced.

The improved graining noted with the Rogers board bed is due to the high fidelity with which the plastics material reproduces the desired impression. The application of heat and pressure in the press during bed construction first softens the plastics board, allowing the impression to be deeply and indelibly imprinted, and then cures the board, permanently "freezing" the impression. The impression is firmly fixed and remains unaffected by the operating temperature of the press during production.''

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