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Trend setting Fall shoe designs were featured in "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 20. The bag's $16.50 retail prices is equivelant to $125 in 2006 dollars.

The What's New in Handbags column in the same issue discussed new designs from Roger Van S. ("Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 58)

The 1950s

The October 1955 "Handbags & Accessories" features an extensive collection of bags for The Holidays and these words of guidance for buyers looking for enticing possibilities.

Show novelties and classics for Christmas

MATERIALS: look for fur, the real thing and imitations thereof processed cowhide elegant calf, rich suede
DETAILS: note whangee touches, medallions tabs end buckles double entry openings
SHAPES: include severe through softened silhouettes continue the slim look

"REAL FUR GROUP by Roger Van S includes mouton pouch, left, in red, black or beige and calf trimmed kidskin satchel. Both bags are on polished brass frames. Many are touched with important looking medallions"

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 16

Accessory market round-up

"Rich furs, used in imaginative ways, are offered by Roger Van S. Beige, black, or gray bunny; red, black or beige mouton; otter and seal are some of the furs. There are also some important looking calf trimmed kidskins. Many shapes are pouch variations, some with large medallions, others with chain handles or other touches of brass. Group retails from $29.95 through $50."

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 36

Out of the bag

"NEWCOMERS: The arrival of Peter David Van S evened up the score for the Roger Van Ss. The count is now two and two—girls and boys, that is!" "Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 43

Roger Van S collectors might be interested to know the company also made belts!

"METAL CHAIN forms the belt at the left, with leather closing. Belt at the right is a three-way style, with adjustable straps in additional colors supplied. Both Roger Van S"
(Handbags & Accessories December 1955, page 38)

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers

The 1960s

Bucket Bag in College Colors

"Because college girls have asked for the wooden bucket bag in their school colors, a special promotion is offered to one store in a community. It is said that the college girls use these not only as handbags but also for ornaments in their rooms.
Other items by this firm for school promotion are horsehide and cowhide in casual styles and a wooden salad bowl with colored suede drawstring top matched with belt and cap.
Fall shapes are a music roll, a big square type shoulder with metal bandings, an assortment of pouchy casual bags with fine handstitched details and a number of classics that will be repeated from previous lines."

"Polished metal umbrella and rain drops make whimsical decor on fine long wearing cowhide that's flat in back and bulging in front. An extra pocket is attached to front wall just under flap. All hand stitched and unlined with adjustable strap attached with harness hooks. In stunning colors."

"Kathleen Sheiton, buyer at Thalheimer's, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, examines a Roger Van S. bag. Johnny Orto (center) explains styling while Mr. Van S. looks on."
(February 1961 Handbags & Accessories, page 22)

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