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Location December 1959:
Rockland Leather
362 Fifth Ave.
New York


Rockland Leather, 362 Fifth Ave. is showing casual roomy styling in top grain cowhide bags. Colors consist primarily of basics with a modest show of important fashions for spring. (Handbags & Accessories December 1959, page 52)

Roomy Bags Excell for Travel and Resort
Under $10

Large roomy bags in smart casual styling are taking the lead for resort and travel wear. Of interest are the brightly colored straw bags in novel shapes, designed with travel costume coordination following the fashion story. (Handbags & Accessories December 1959, page 56)

TOP GRAIN cowhide bags in large sizes perfect for travel. Feedbag at left has a self-handle and turn-lock; right, outside pockets give added attraction to travel tote. Rockland Leather, 362 Fifth Ave.

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