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Location December 1935:

Robbins & Weitz Inc.
6 East 32nd St.
New York

December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods page 65 heralds the move to their new larger, air conditioned offices.

The 1940's

"Eye-Appeal" Boosts Sales Appeal June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 42

For fall suits and sports clothes, Robbins & Weitz features a group of saddle leathers. This one is in turf with nailheads to match shoes. It has two swagger pockets inside and an outside pocket over which there is a circular snap-over band.

Display ad August 1942 issue of "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 56

Irwin Robbins Back from Paris with French Suede for Fall Line

"Interviewed on his return from a six week's tour of European fashion centers, Irwin Robbins, of Robbins & Weitz, expressed his confidence in French suede for fall handbags. Accordingly, he has imported fine lustrous skins which will be used in the firm's fall line. Mr. Robbins also brought back models that will be reproduced or adapted to the American market.
Asked for fashion trends as seen in Paris, Mr. Robbins remarked that he found nothing new or trend-setting. The horizontal bag and the satchel are still important with stress on tailored designs. Most are classic shapes with some evidence of boxes.
"There are two types of bags being bought over there," said Mr. Robbins. "The gadgety novelty being purchased by American tourists who want to bring back something flashy, and the fine, well-made conservative bag demanded by natives and Americans of good taste. Shoulder straps are conspicuous by their absence. Bags with outside pockets are important.
"Suede seems to be a year-round material now and is combined with calf or crocodile. Incidentally, there are a lot of fine crocodile bags being worn in Paris."

In Italy Mr. Robbins saw many fine bags and commented on their beautiful leathers. However, these are not suitable for popular price reproductions.
"I believe that a popular priced manufacturer has a responsibility to be creative. That is why I am making periodic trips to Europe and leading style centers. Style plagiarism, as is practiced by so many American bag manufacturers, will only choke this industry and I, for one, am trying to bring originality to my line," said Mr. Robbins." (June 1949 Handbag Buyer, page 42)

Display ad June 1949 "Handbag Buyer," page 59


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