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Location March 1930:

Robbins & Staufert, Inc.
229 So. Market St.
Chicago, Ill.

Sales Directors:
Hailmann Brothers
229 S. Market St.

This full page ad from the March 1930 issue of "Hand Bag Modes" reveals several facts about the industry. First, despite the lack of information in the New York trade publications, there were manufacturers outside the New York area in the 1930s. Second, many manufacturers hired representaives to sell for them. Frank and George Hailmann are examples of these freelance salesmen. They contracted to sell handbag lines for manufacturers and represented several makers.

Examples from new Spring lines for 1930 featured in the March 1930 "Hand Bag Modes" included calf pouch by Robbins & Staufert. (page 66)

"A smart combination of calf and white calf features this vagabond bag with inside zipper. The ornament is enameled. From Robbins & Stanfert

Another example of Robbins & Staufert's bags for the same March 1930 issue, page 71.

"The striking use of braid trimming caught by the ornament distinguish this calf envelope from Robbins & Staufert"

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