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Location September 1928:

Reedcraft Handbags
Reed-Cook Incorporated
200 Madison Ave.
New York City

Office & Factory
Reed-Cook Incorporated
205-215 South Second Street
Camden, NJ

This full page ad in the September 1928 issue of Trunks and Leather Goods announces the merger of two well established leather goods firms.

Spring 1930 Reed-Cook offering, illustrated on page 54 of the March 1930 issue of "Hand Bag Modes."

"AA Florentine design is inlaid upon steer-hide to form this envelope bag with top strap. Reed-Cook."

Same March 1930 "Hand Bag Modes" issue, page 72:

Reed-Cook Introduces Mojave Handbag Line

"REED-COOK, INC., Camden, N. J., and New York City, is constantly introducing new lines of handbags in order to furnish dealers with the current trends. Among the new presentations is the Mojave (pronounced Mo-ha-vay) line, comprising back strap and modern models in genuine Steerhide in hand laced effects with finely tooled designs and contrasting hand colored brown variations.

Frames are of the "turnloc" type in rose gold or "Jemco" finish with enameled, celluloid or jeweled tops and "pulls." Interiors have tan suede leather lining, fitted with purse and mirror. List prices from $7.50 to $25."

A full page ad is featured on the back cover of March 1930 issue of Luggage & Hand Bag Modes.

"VIVID, LIVE, but not gaudy.... this theme maintains a fine balance of color values through clever combination with dainty, hand-colored "Tri-Tone" and Black Boarded Steerhide * * * Underarms ..... Patent leather hand-laced and all-leather lined, "Tri-Tone," in green suede, Black Boarded in gray .... The inlaid Florentine designs in wide variety and color include the favorites: "Modern""All-over Gold'' "Antique" and "Moresque" Appropriately appointed with purse sewed to lining or large inside frame purse, beveled mirror and change purse..... Priced $10 to $27.50 list.

Individually distinctive "The Vagabond " (No. 30-439) a splendid, roomy bag. "The Zipper" (No. 30-443) with back pocket closed with Zipper fastener and snap on flap. No. 30-442 with inside frame purse and divided back pocket. No. 30-445 with back pocket, two snap fasteners on flap, inside frame purse.

No. 30-445 ......$25.00 List
No. 30-436 ......$13.50 List
No. 30-443 ......$20.00 List
No. 30-437 ......$15.00 List
No. 30-432 ......$10.00 List
No. 30-439 ......$16.50 List
No. 30-442 ......$19.50 List\\"

This is an example of Reedcraft bags of this period.

A Reedcraft embossed leather Art Deco bag embellished with splendid art deco style, in the enamel trim of both the half round latch and the turn style lock pendant. The Jemco metal frame shows wear on the brown enamel paint and carries patent dates of 1915, 1917 and 1918. Warm brown suede interior features two open pockets in excellent condition. A single lacing break in the handle has been stabilize. Measures 6 in. by 1 1/4 inches by 8 inches.

The bag is available for sale for $145 at The Bag Lady Emporium

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