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Rayon covered cord, known as Corde' was one material easily available at the outset and thoughtout the war, which explains the immense supply and diversity of designs seen on today's vintage market. Corde' was the material, not the maker! Plymouth Handbags specialized in Corde' bags and produced innovative colors and shapes. (February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 58)

Color in Corde

"Some unusual designs both in color and styling have been worked out by Plymouth Handbags for their spring collection of corde bags. Instead of the usual straight, square lines, swirled modern looking patterns have been developed in pastel and Mexican multi-colors and in brown and navy ombre. Novelty shapes have been developed, using a combination of square and circular lines. Many of the frames are of shell or clear plastic. One unusual style has the corde worked into a triangle effect and is finished with a pannier handle.

Supplementing the regular bags that retail for $4.95 to $10 are a group of small gadget types to sell at $1.95. This group includes novelty triple frames, all around zipper types and a make up kit bag with center pocket. These are also of genuine corde and are made in high solid colors such as red and kelly and in multi-colors."

June 1942 Luggage & Leather goods featured innovative solutions to bag design demanded by limitations of materials. This no metal Plymouth bag won a spot in the article. (page 40) 1942VictoryBags


Bag Designers Feature New Construction Sans Zippers, Frames Snaps or Metal

Here they are folks . . . the new Victory Handbags! When the WPB took zippers, metal frames and snap fasteners from the handbag industry, some of our leading manufacturers, instead of bemoaning their fate, started to design along Victory lines. Many interesting, attractive and saleable bags are in the making. We show but a few here because in many cases, designers are waiting for their patents to come through before exploiting their creations.

As everyone knows, WPB regulations affect every member of the hand bag industry. It is gratifying to note that high style as well as volume manufacturers are applying their talents to the creation of new handbag constructions.

"A pannier handle effect is achieved in this corde bag. The top of the bag is concealed under a deep collar. Pull on the tab to release the opening which slides down from undpr the collar. This is from Plymouth Handbag."


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