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Patent 2,256,645 was filed March 28, 1941 to Florence Kuhlman for Robert Appel, New York, NY. It covers an innovative weaving method used to assemble "provide a material comprised of interfitted rigid pliable means interlace with said units whereby an articulate, decorative and ornamental surface is obtained."

I never noticed the Apple logo on the fabric label in these bags until I found this small news story in the Handbag News column of the February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 59.

Plasticflex Line Expanded

"The latest member of the R. Appel "plasticflex" family is an enormous underarm with a matching small plasticflex top zipper bag inside. This new pair retails for $7.50 complete and is shown in the various color combinations for which this line is well known.

Long grained goat, with the appearance of morocco, is a new leather being used by this house. The group is being shown in both underarm and frame models to retail at around $5.95."

Full page ad February 1950 "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 94, includes an example of a Plasticflex bag by R. Appel, New York.

Featherweight Conmar Zippers ConmarProductsCorp give a qualitg feel to hags

''Why use an oversized zipper for a small pocket closure?
See what a difference a featherweight Conmar zipper makes to the quality feel of your bags.
It's small, light, inconspicuous. The zip-action is smooth as velvet... can't stick ... can't jam ... guaranteed flawless.
Specify Conmar featherweight zipper No. 2 for pocket closures.

Conmar Zippers, Newark, New Jersey Direct N. Y. Phone: REclor 2-9800 Branches: Atlanta Baltimore Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Los Angeles Minneapolis Philadelphia St. Louis San Francisco''


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