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Location 1960s

Perma Plaque
Crystal Like
2547 Ontario Street
Burbank, CA 91504

It seems trolling online autions CAN be productive, as one in 2006 solved the mystery of who made these remarkably beautiful lucite bags! Illustrated on page 207 of Berkson's "Carry Me" and unidentified, these imaginative creations are the product of the Perma Plaque line of Crystal-Like, a company working since 1949 and still in business.

Known examples are horizontal cylinders, perched on clear spherical feet. The unique clear knot handle is mounted on brass hinge hardware. The seller had a family connection to the company and stated the retail value of the bags in the 60s was $40. Lid designs included imbedded butterflies and an undersea scene with shells.

The Undersea bag was sold online for $442 in 2006.

Colors include white, pale blue and gray.

Visit Crystal-Like's web site at Crystal-Like

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