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Parisian Handbag Co. was included in the THE LUGGAGE & LEATHER GOODS 1935 ADVERTISING ROLL OF HONOR. 1935LuggageLeatherGoodsAdvertisers

February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 68

Fine Craftsmanship Apparent

"The Parisian Handbag Co., operated by two brothers, formerly in the handbag business in France, make a fetish of details and craftsmanship. Every bag is fitted with a matching billfold that snaps into a pocket in the lining. In addition most numbers are lined with leather in a color that contrasts with the basic bag shade. Incidentally, this firm stresses color contrast and features most styles with colored ornamentation. Lucite zipper pulls are shown extensively on the top zipper models. All bags have small zipper pockets inside, as well."

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