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Location August 1956:
Onco by
Brown Company
150 Causeway St.
Boston 14, Mass.\\

Handbag and Engineering are not often seen in the same sentence. But these amazing functional sculptures didn't just happen! Designers for improved materials like Onco to insure quality lasting construction. This full page ad features an innovative Lewis LewisPursesInc suede bags, double sides with a fixed rigid lucite handle. "Handbags & Accessories" August 1956, page 9.


"ONCE AGAIN ONCO HELPS US 'FASHIONEER' EXCITING NEW IDEAS IN OUR HANDBAGS." So says Mr. Elliott Frankcl, President of Lewis Purses, whose designer has added couturiere touches to this elegant new "two-in-one" handbag created around ONCO. Its long slim lines will stay in line. Its rich sucdc that's butter-soft — won't "melt."
Fashioneering handbags with ONCO has become an accepted custom of many leading manufacturers, to the delight of retailers and milady herself. ONCO gives enduring support to any contour — springs back into shape when distorted. ONCO is made from Brown Company's highly purified Solka® fibre. It's almost tcatherlight. I landbags with tops, bottoms, bodies, gussets and collars iashioneered with ONCO maintain either their gentle curves ... or sharp corners . . . and always their beauty of line.
It's a wonder-worker for preserving the charm and beauty of suede and other lovely but soft materials.
Try ONCO! It's the standard of quality in the handbag and shoe industries, alike. Fashioneer your next line with it. Write today for samples and information. Dept. EC-8, Brown Company, 150 Causeway St., Boston 14, Mass. (Mills: Berlin and Corham, N. H.; Corvallis, Ore.)

ONCO gives you these big advantages for better handbags:
• Superior adhesive and stitching qualities
• Controlled flexibility in many thicknesses
• Reduced needle burning . .. practically to zero
• Maximum cutting yield provides economy in processing

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