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Location February 1961:

Nicholas Reich
6 West 32nd St.
New York City

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers

Handbags & Accessories December 1959, pages 4-5 includded a list of the 1960 members of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry, including Nicholas Reich. 1960NationalAuthorityMembers

"Basic black comes alive for Spring 1961, augmenting the brilliant color picture. Black alone is a dead story . . . the news this season is contrast, and the important contrast in accessories and ready-to-wear is white. The lively bag of black patent leather and white calf is styled by Nicholas Reich, 6 W. 32 St." (February 1961 Handbags & Accessories, page 18)

More details of the 1961 Spring line from the "Handbag Briefs" column are featured on page 41 of the same issue.

"Frame detail and clean styling is the

important fashion news this season at Nicholas Reich, 6 W. 32nd St. The frames are scalloped, winged, set with many contrasting tones of leather or rolled. This gives a very elegant look to the bags which are for the most part completely undetailed. Shapes are also very much a part of the fashion picture. Half-moons, rectangles and small squares are styled with wonderfully sleek lines. Embroidery on leather fashions clutch styles. The embroidery is in a floral pattern with coloring which matches the bag. The line retails from $18.95 to $49.95."

The June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories" included this example of Nicholas Reich's Fall line (page 49.)

A lovely honey color in lustre calf is used in a square satchel by Nicholas Reich, 6 W. 32 St. The frame is in an oblong, fan shape and covered in leather. The matching shoe has a pointed toe and is fashioned in the popular dorsay cut.

Further elaboration on the Kent Fall 1961 line is to be found on page 59 of the June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories."

"Classic lines in exciting fall colors are seen in the handbag line at Nicholas Reich, 6 W. 32nd St. Alligator is brown or black, the important colors in calf are fudge, molasses, grape, dark green, black cherry, partridge and glazed calf in tan, wine and green. The bags are medium-sized with a clean, streamlined look. Detailing is either in a contrasting color or reptile trim on calf. The line begins at $15. retail and goes up. Suede and calf are also combined in a brilliant red."

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