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Myles Origianls by Artistic Display Company was the first lucite bag maker in Miami. The influx of affluent vacationers to Florida after WWII made resort wear a hot seller in Miami all year. Sometime in 1951 they introduced composite material called Lamoplex, sheets of plastic with materials like metal strips laminated between.
References to Myles Originals have so far been quite illusive in vintage trade magazines, but they began to apear in early 1951. This one is a beauty! For December 1951's Luggage & Leather Goods, page 56 comes this tantalizing photo in the "Plastic...Leather...Fabrics..Early Spring News" article.

"NEW PLASTIC SHELL ITEMS for resort by Myles Originals include, a smart tiered effect clutch bag and squat rounded box in warm shell tone. Box has wide cuff handle attached to lid, mirror set inside of lid."

After Myles Originals was bought by Aberman Manufacturing Co. in 1952, the company raised their prices and began producing unique bags designed by Sheldon J. Aberman. This tortoise briefcase style came wit the original handtags.

Google patents includes several design patents issued to Sheldon Aberman of Miami Beach, Florida. Three of these are, coincidentally, for bags whose advertising is illustrated on page 138 of Berkson's "Carry Me!" Buy Carry Me at I will quote from the text of the ads and illustrate with the patent drawings.

Sheldon Aberman Design Patent #170,978, issued December 1, 1953. Swivel-It Patent

Text of display ad from May 1953 Handbags & Accessories, page 153

"Myles Originals* The Untimate Lucite Handbag"
The "Swivel-It".....the Handbag destined to be the hottest item in many a year. The swivel handle makes this the most comfortable bag on the market.....comfortable in either the hand-held or over-the-arm position. The swivel handle it riveted to the top of the bag and cannot pull out. Available in unbreakable Lamoplex only. All hardware 24-K gold plated Brass. Myles exclusive "Luggage clip," 20 colors to choose from. Style no. 1152 Wholesale Lamoplex $13.50."

In 2011 dollars the $13.50 is equivalent to $114.13 after a 745.4% inflation change! Add to that retail markup and 20% Luxury tax and it is obvious these bags were for affluent customers!

Interestingly, the ad illustrates a concave curve body, but the Swivel-It handle is found on other body forms like this long, lean rectangle.

Myles 3-D Piggback Vanity Bag
A unique Myles creations was heralded in the June 1953 Handbags & Accessories, page 162 which illustrated the Myles 3-D Handbag in a display ad reading:

Something Absolutely New!
"3-D....bringing new dimensions to handbag design. Stamped with the mark of workmanship in material and in style, the 3-D is the ideal morning, noon and night home anywhere and in perfect taste anywhere...Custom made with unbreakable Lamoplex, 3-D come to you in these fashion-wise colors: Topaz Mink, Ranch Mink, Black Pearl and White Pearl. Style #2250 Wholesale $22.50.\\

Sports Bag
Light & roomy...a Breezy little bag that's ideal for sportswear. The gracefully curved loop handle make 3-D Easy to Carry, comfortable to hold.

Removable Formal Compact
High fashion....exquisite....with glittering rhinestones to add a touch of elegance. Stones are inset by heat and pressure and are guaranteed not to come out. (Compact also available with Lamoplex top suitable for Monogramming.)

Dress Bag
Slide the compact into the grooves of the fitted carriage until it clicks....and PRESTO, you have the most beautiful Dress bag ever designed. Fingertip balance makes compact easy to insert and holds it firmly in place atop the bag. All hardware made of 24-K Gold-Plated Brass and 3-D Features the Myles exclusive Luggage Clip. Here is a Myles Original especially created for the fashion-wise, style conscious woman. (Patent Pending.)"

The design patent for the remarkable and innovative Myles Duet handbag was issued to Sheldon J. Aberman on September 29, 1953. Two interlocking cylinders, hinged at the center bottom. latch on the top with a classic 3-ball latch. A gray example is illustrated on pages 164-165 of Berkson's "Carry Me!" Buy Carry Me at

The dispaly ad for the Duet ran in the July 1953 issue od "Handbags & Accessories" on page 164 and read as follows:

Myles Originals Bag of The Month
"Sing a song of Profits...The Duet is sure to bring them in. Truly unique. Available in unbreakable Lamoplex or in Dupont Lucite. All hardware 24-K Gold Plated brass. Myles exclusive Luggage Clip. 20 colors to choose from. Style #13.50

  Wholesale $13.50    Lucite  $13.50 Lamoplex 

September 29, 1953 was a banner day for bag design! A second design patent, this one for the Iconic Horizontal Cylinder design, was grated to Sheldon J. Aberman.

Berkson's "Carry Me!" Buy Carry Me at illustrates this bag in Navy Lamoplex on page 160. She describes the bag on page 139 as The "Schooner" and quotes advertising reading "longer, smarter, trimmer and with the beautiful new wishbone handle."

Myles produced some unusual multi-handled Lucite bags. This 1953 US Design Patent 171,072 identifies Sheldon J. Aberman as the designer. Sheldon Aberman Patent #171,072

This bag in black and gray is illustrated on page 22 of "Plastic Handbags: Sculpture to Wear," by Kate Dooner. A green example sold online for $178 in 2005.

Yet another remarkable bag was patented to Sheldon J. Aberman on December 1, 1953! I've always referred to this as Wheels, maybe to do with 40 years living in the Motor City!)

970087: Myles Forest Green Lucite Handbag Deco Style A truly wild deco bag, forest green with embedded glitz, unmarked but a treasure. This bag is very unique and in near mint condition. I've not seen another in many years of looking. Attributed to Myles by the characteristic green lucite and illustrated in "Black pearl Grecian Spiral Scroll Lid" on page 152 of "Carry Me" by Berkson, dated 1953.

Sold for $300.00 in 1997

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers


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