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February 1961 Handbags & Accessories, page 53

"Mylar Laminates Introduced

A quartet of new metalized plastic-to-fabric combinations has been developed by Coating Products, Incorporated of Englewood, New Jersey. The first of these is Mirro Brite, made of "Mylar" laminated to flannel backing; where extremely soft, flexible base materials for products are required. The next Mylar laminate has a vinyl coated cotton sheeting backing woven on a bias for extra tensile strength. This will be particularly good for the shoe trade. Mirro Brite made with Mylar laminated to general purpose vinyl coated cotton sheeting is a combination geared to economy minded manufacturers. It combines the brilliance of metalized plastic with a rugged, low cost cotton sheeting. The fourth new laminate has an elasticized cotton backing with extremely high tensile strength."

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