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Location June 1949:

Marie M. Deutz
434 E. 52nd Street
New York City

Display ad June 1949 "Handbag Buyer," page 59

The 1950s

Location June 1956:

Deutz Collection
501 Madison Ave.
New York

The connection between Marie M. Deutz and Deutz is uncertain, but these are grouped together until the connection, if any, is made clear.

Accessory market round-up

"Attention to fine detailing is evident in the Deutz collection, 501 Madison Ave. A distinctive antiqued jewel ornament or a limoge ornament appears on the scalloped collar of a square cut shape in suede or fine calf. An embroidered stand-away heart-shape pocket with jet drop distinguishes a flattened square shape, and a bracelet handle and beaded embroidery appear on a perfectly round small shape. Bright pastel leather linings, brocade, quilted moire, and roman striped satin are some outstanding linings on these bags of fine calf and non-crock suede." (Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 58)

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