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Location June 1949:

Lanca Handbag Corp.
358 Fifth Ave.
New York 1, New York

Full page ad, "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 11

"Anyway you look at it, open or shut, LANCA is the only handbag in America offering the added advantage of COVERED INVERTED FRAMES. This covered inverted frame feature makes it impossible for material to become separated from the frame. LANCAS are beautifully lined in top quality fabrics, too. That's the inside story of LANCA HANDBAGS. Now, LANCA shows a bright, new, richly styled line in plastic, suedine, faille and broadcloth ... a bag for every taste. Yes, LANCA'S craftsmanship makes the outside story real news in the handbag industry. LANCA quality . . . usually found in higher priced merchandise . . . comes to you at popular prices because LANCA is mass-produced for today's price-conscious market."

This detail from the ad gives a better idea of how frames are mounted to bags. It also illustrates why one of the most commonly seem defects in vintage bags is slippage of the body fabric out of the frame. the body and lining fabric are held only by friction and pressure. There is no mechanical fastening. Once the fabric slides out, there is no going back. Overloading a bag with this style frame can be lethal!

The same issue announces Charles W. Lewis taking the sales reins at Lance. ("Handbag Buyer" page 43 June 1949)

Lewis, Now Lanca Sales Manager

Charles Lewis

"Charles M. Lewis, well known in the handbag business, has been appointed sales manager of Lanca Handbag Corp. Mr. Lewis will make his headquarters in the New York office. Complete line-up of salesmen for the fall season will be announced shortly."

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