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Location 1942:

Koret, Inc.
33 West 33rd Street
New York, NY

Koret, Inc. was established in 1929 by Richard Koret to design, manufacture and distribute handbags.

The front cover of the July 1935 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods features photographs of "leading style authorities" for Fall 1935, including Richard Koret.

The August 1936 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods includes this story about Koret's 1936 Fall line.

Koret bag with Monocraft Initials graced the cover of the February 1942 issue of Luggage and Leather Goods.

This Koret Doctors syle bag illustrated Ohio Leather's OhioLeatherCompanyInc calf in the July 1947 issue of Handbags Illustrated.

They exhibited at the Fashion Flair 1947FashionFair, June 12, 1947 at Madison Square Garden. "Handbags Illustrated" July 1947 page 56

Betty Held, editor of "Handbag Buyer" in June 1949, included this tidbit in her "Out of the Bag" gossip column on page 32.

"Richard Koret of Koret, Inc. made his European trip by air to visit the leading markets. His itinerary included London, Paris and Switzerland."

John Wanamaker in Philidelphia held a full on "Accesorama" in March 1955, launching Spring Accessories with an emphasis on azalea pinks, delphinium blues, nasturtium and narcissus white in all ready-to-wear departments. Company presidents visited, showing their entire lines. This full page ad from the Philadelphia newspaper featured Koret Handbags. The ad text reads "Mr. Richard Koret Brings exciting news. Meet Mr. Koret and Mr. Henry Gould of Koret Handbags and see their largest collection ever of luxury handbags at the low price of $28.00." With inflation, that's $180 in today's dollars!

Other exhibitors were Murray Rothenberg, president of Monet, Louis Kraussman, Vice President of Trifari, Morris Moskowitz of MM Handbags MMMorrisMoskowitz and Otto Kraker of Van Raalt Gloves.

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers

They continue in business to this day (2005) at this address:

Koret, Inc.
101 West 55th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10019-5350

"Koret, Inc. was founded in 1929 as a handbag design, manufacturing and distribution operation by Richard Koret. Successive ownership has maintained the superior design and manufactured quality product for its own account and other major handbag marketers, including LouisVuitton.

In addition to the sale of Koret products, Koret, Inc. was the licensee for two of the world's most famous designer names, Christian Dior and Hubert Givenchy. In 1995, Koret became the licensee for Pierre Cardin handbags in the United States, Canada and Europe. The extraordinary success of Koret's licensed product led to the licensors' substantial conversion to proprietary operations."

For more details on Koret, Inc., check their web site at:

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