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Location September 1928:

The J.E. Megott Company
Maker of Jemco Frames
200 Fifth Avenue
New York

December 1936 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 67

Location 1936:

The J.E. Mergott Co.
280 Fifth Ave.

Newark, NJ

Location 1947 Showroom:

The J.E. Mergott Co.
Empire State Building
New York 1, NY

The J.E. Mergott Co.
304-358 Jelliff Ave.
Newark, 8, NJ

Jemco is a registered trademark of The J.E. Mergott Co. They made a wide variety of handbag frames and incised this diamond logo on the frames and hinge pins. The September 1928 issue of Trunks and Leather Goods includes this among several examples of Mergott ads in an article attempting to convince handbag makers that direct customer advertising was worthwhile!

J.E.Mergott was one of the first bag makers that believed in and used advertising extensively to inform customers and promote their products. This March 1930 ad is a prime example. ("Hand Bag Modes" March 1930, page 75)

This Spitz-Nover display ad in the same issue (page 78) features a bag mounted on a Jemco frame.

Regular trips to Paris to keep up with the changes in Fashion resulted in innovation in frame design, as documented in this display ad from the July 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods, page57.

Since many bags were not permanently labeled by manufacturers, often this incised logo is the only identifier on the bag. Vintage bags are often identified as Jemco bags, but it is likely the frames are Jemco, but the bag is some one else's product. As evidence of the correctness of this assertion, the August 1936 issue of Luggage and Leather Goods includes a display ad from J.E.Mergott on page 88.

July 1947 Handbags Illustrated, page 15

February 1950 Handbags and Fashion Accessories, announced the acquistion of the J.E. Mergott Company by Fedders-Quigan on page 113 and again in a full page annouce,ment on page 116.

Fedders-Quigan Adds Mergott Co

The Fedders-Quigan Corp. has acquired the handbag frame business, plant and facilities of the J. E. Mergott Company of Newark. The plant is being operated as the J. E. Mergott division of Fedders-Quigan.


January 4, 1950


It is our pleasure to announce that we have acquired the handbag frame business, plant and facilities of the J. E. Mergott Co. which we will hereafter continue as our J. E. Mergott Division.

We wish to assure you that we will continue to produce the "Jemco" frames with the same standards of styling and quality for which they have been known over the years.

The facilities of the Fedders-Quigan organization will be placed behind our J. E. Mergott Division operation in order to insure a greater efficiency of service and delivery and continued expansion to meet your needs.

Mr. George Laubenstein, who is continuing with us as manager of our J. E. Mergott Division, will work in close cooperation with Mr. William Pierro, the general manager of our handbag frame divisions and Mr. Bruno Giordano, the general sales manager of these divisions.

For your convenience, we are retaining the Empire State Building offices.
We are looking forward to serving you.
Cordially yours,
Salvatore Giordano

This handsome Reedcraft bag is another example of a Jemco frame on another manufacturer's bag.

A00253: A Reedcraft embossed leather Art Deco bag embellished with splendid art deco style, in the enamel trim of both the half round latch and the turn style lock pendant. The Jemco metal frame shows wear on the brown enamel paint and carries patent dates of 1915, 1917 and 1918. Warm brown suede interior features two open pockets in excellent condition. A single lacing break in the handle has been stabilize. Measures 6 in. by 1 1/4 inches by 8 inches.

The bag is available for sale for $145 at The Bag Lady Emporium.

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