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1936 Address:

Julius Resnick Incorporated
33 East 33rd Street
New York City

June 1949 Address

JR Handbags
Julius Resnick Incorporated
16 West 61st Street
New York 23, NY

Examples of bags for Fall 1936 using Zapon, a plastic material with leather textures. Shown on page 43 of August 1936 issue of Luggage and Leather Goods. Note the playful and artistic hand-shaped trim, so often seen on bags of the late Depression Era.

The 1950s

Letter from JR Julius Resnick to Sommers Plastic Products from December, 1953, illustrated on page 7 of the January 1954 issue of Handbags & Accessories.

In 1954, JR used an "Exquisitely Textured" material called Shoe Calf?, made by Fashion Vinyl, division of General Tire & Rubber. Manoir?, a burnished grain vinyl was also part of the line. They were distributed by Sommers Plastic Products, 7-9 w. 18th Street, New York.

B00013: Handsome and refined J.R. Red Vinyl handbag, sparked with gold metal trim. Spotless black faille interior features a matching coin purse, attached to the frame by a pair of fabric suspenders. The vinyl trimmed in hinged Metal Clad handle shows considerable lacquer finish wear (see detail) but all else is ideal. Measures 12 x 2 1/2 x 7 1/4".

Valued at $60 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

The March 1955 issue of Handbags & Accessories includes this full page ad for Palm Textured vinyl produced by Federal Leather Company. FederalLeatherCo The bag examples are by Julius Resnick.

An example of Palm Textured vinyl JR bag.

A00328: JR embossed basketweave vinyl handbag Classic summer basketweave bag with a nifty twist. This unusual white vinyl bag by JR is embossed with a faux basket weave pattern vinyl called Boca-Palm, made by Federal Leather Company to resemble a bamboo curtain. These were all the rage in mid-50’s and this bag is nearly identical to a JR handbag illustrated in the March 1955 issue of "Handbags & Accessories." The gold hexagonal lift up latch open to a beautiful blue-green spotless cotton interior. Matching coin purse is suspended from the frame by two 3/4” wide fabric straps and the coin purse is marked in gold lettering “ JR Made in USA.” Excellent unused condition. inside and out. Measures 8 x 4 x 6 1/2” .

Valued at $50 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

On page 12 of the same March 1955 issue, this Conversation Print bag is featured. These fabric bags were covered in clear vinyl. If they have been stored away from heat and direct sunlight, these vintage bags are often found in superb condition, appearing untouched by the decades. I did have on customer from Singapore, upon receiving her bag and unfamiliar with this 50's style, email asking if the plastic was supposed to be removed!

This clutch is another prime example of the vinyl-over-fabric bag, so popular in its day and back again!

E00126: The height of 50’s fashion, this JR USA clutch has stood the test of time extremely well! The rose beige floral spray atop the off white textured body has been encased in clear vinyl all these decades and still look fresh! The gold-corded edges compliment the pristine, shiny metal frame. Spotless warm beige taffeta lines the interior. A minute blemish in the vinyl just beneath the flowers is the bag’s only defect, quite imperceptible to the camera. Measures 11 ¼ x 1 ½ x 5”.

Valued at $50 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

While the chain handle has replace the original, this embellished white satin bag was very popular and is often found in the vintage market.

Quarter page ad "Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 38

Examples from 10 prominant makers illustrated the article "New textures give new faces to casual bags for fall" on pages 14-15 of the August 1956 issue of "Handbags & Accessories." JR's contribution:

"SMOOTH plastic calf is used for vagabond with several inside compartments. Clutch in bright colored velveteen is piped and framed in patent. Julius Resnick, 16 W. 61st St."

B00180: Dressy JR white satin-under-vinyl Handbag with abstract basket of applied cording. A twisted combination of white satin and gold metal. Tiny pearls trim the pastel flowers and basket. The worn handle has been replaced with a substantial chain. A peach satin interior shows some spotting and wear. It features a large metal zip pocket. The JR Florida logo is worn but legible. Overall excellent condition. Measures 11 ½ x 3 x 9” with a 17” handle.

Valued at $75 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

This example of the vinyl-over-fabric bag features an embroidered mongram.

B00172: J.R. Miami Cream Satin Under vinyl handbag with and elaborate script letter "F" initial on one side. The other side is also is embellished and can be used as the front if desired. The rose beige satin interior shows some slight soiling of the gussets and features a single large metal zip pocket. Solid clear Lucite handle. Four gold round metal feet protect the bottom. Excellent condition. Measures 10 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches. SOLD for $63.75 at The Bag Lady Emporium

The 1960s

Fall 1961 offerings from various makers were displayed together in this article on page 28-29 of the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories."

Julius Resnick Inc., 16 W. 61 St., presents a classic envelope bag in "Kamel" a grained plastic (center right). The slanted flap is accented by gold detailing.

Display ad in the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories," page 55

June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories," page 58 described JR's pillowy bags and marshmellow vinyl offerings for Fall 1961.

"Julius Resnick Inc., 16 W. 61st St., has created a complete and diversified fall line. Peau de soies at $3. are seen pouffs and pouches in clutch and cocktail styles are accented with small unusual clasps. There will be six to eight colors featured in these bags. Among them are: magenta, turquoise and russet. Anodized frames are another decorative touch. A full line of Marshmallow bags will be seen in black, espress, taupe, quartz green and magenta. The predominant lines of these bags are soft, and "pillowy" in various sizes. All the Resnick bags are finished beautifully; fully lined with inside zipper compartments. Also at $3, is a line of casuals in a Kamel grain which stimulates the look of seton leather. These are shown in the important fall colors. One large style has a foldover flap and a definite envelope feeling. "Villagey" casuals in Marshmallow will retail for $5. and be a big hit with the teen crowd. Tweedy type fabrics are also in the back-to-school line."

The Relationship between JR Julius Resnick and Sommers Plastic Products continued into the 1960's. This outstanding example of the late 60's Marshmallow vinyl bag carries its tag!

E00140: Luxurious Pearly Sage green mushroom vinyl, pristine condition and playful pouch style make this JR Florida bag a must for your collection. The original tag details the care of this 60's vinyl material. The interior white vinyl also has a sumptuous pearly look. A clear coin purse, chained to the frame, still carries the JR insert with logo. Measures 11 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 10 1/2" with a 14" handle.

Sold for $80 at The Bag Lady Emporium

Pucci was the rage in the mid-60s. Jana was the authorized Pucci maker and manufactured bags in Italy of the US market. Many companies, including Meyers and Julius Resnick, climbed on the bandwagon, producing bags in Pucci and Pucci-like fabrics. The New York rimes took note of this trend in their issue February 23, 1966, page 34.

Everything's Coming Up Pucci by Enid Nemy

The distinctive Pucci type of print is one of the strongest fashion statements brightening the tag end of winter.

Some of the prints now being shown on almost every floor of department stores are originals, designed in a Florentine palazzo and bearing the "Emilio" signature. But, more often than not, they are a strong and moderately priced echo.

The growing number of Pucci-influenced items has apparently done nothing to dampen the ardor of the true aficionados. Sales of the originals have never been better, stores report. "The more they make, the better ours took,'* said a representative of Jana Accessories, the concern that makes the official Pucci handbags and accessories. The purse accessories cost from $6 to $20 and the handbags for $19 to $60 and “we don’t make enough to go around…purposely so.


On the other hand, Herbert Meyers, an executive of the Meyers Manufacturing Company MeyersManufacturingCo, says his company's print bags, strongly reminiscent of Pucci, are "quite a phenomenon — selling well across the country and accounting for probably 25 per cent of our business."

The six Meyers styles, ranging from an over-the-shoulder barrel to a design that is a cross between a. Pucci and a Gucci, sell for about $14 in almost every major store in the city.
Mr. Meyers has only one note of admonition: Pucci is the Italian designer of women's wear. His main office is in Florence. Gucci, an Italian company, makes women’s handbags and other leather accessories. It has branches in Europe and in this country.

"We would hope that these handbags won't be worn with print dresses. They are meant for plain linens and silks."

Julius Resnick, Inc., another handbag concern, is busily readying six new inspired-by-Pucci styles to retail for about $7.


The over-all effect will be completed with eyeglasses and cigarette cases and cosmetic and coin purses at $3 each.
Wilroy, Inc. where $25 to $50 Ban-Ion and silk Jersey dresses hang in closets from bed-sitting rooms to Park Avenue duplexes, does less than 5 per cent of its business on Pucci-like prints, but even that figure is formidable in a firm that manufactures in thousands of dozens. The newest addition to the vast Wilroy line is the collection of silk raincoats ($70). These will soon be made in Ban-Lon as well. One of the most eye-catching prints in blue and violet has everything but the “Emillio” signature.

"We have our own took," Jack Barr, the vice president, says- "We try to balance our shipments so that there will be a selection of prints for every kind of woman—including the women who like the Pucci look. They aren’t our main concern, but we have them.”
Women who wear authentic Pucci silk jersey pay $140 to $170 for them. The look at Mr. Dino, Inc. is a colorful one, with a Mr. Dino signature on each dress or overblouse, discreetly placed at the hemline.

"We felt the influence of Pucci strongly at first," rays Joan Kay, sales manager of the four-year-old concern. "But we have a definite signature of our own now and our name has become ft prestige thing."

Mr. Dlno's overblouses and shirts cost from $17 to $25, Pucci's from $40 to $65. Berets, scarf hats and kerchiefs are also being made in the vibrant prints.


One of the few areas left virtually untouched in the children’s market. But at Rue des Enfants, the two partners Sheila Marks and Linda Goldberg, have designed a hooded lounging outfit in Pucci inspired fabric “for sophisticated children of sophisticate mothers.”

The two fabric concerns that print many of the Pucci-like designs- Robaix Inc. and Edwards Inc.- both do so only at the specific request of a customer.

“We do custom designing and a manufacturer must order at least 1,000 yards,” says Jerome Rossman, Jr., president of Robaix. "We have about 15 of these Pucci-type prints, but we were asked to do them."

The Pucci look In a Ban-Lon dress by Crazy Horse is surrounded by the Pucci look in Ban-Lon handbags by Meyers. Ban-Lon, a synthetic fabric, is made by Fair-Tex Mills, Inc. The bags sell for $14 in almost every major store in the city.

The Pop Art zest of the silk fabric in this bag points to a later date.

980768 - Late 60’s Pop-art vinyl handbag by Julius Resnick. Silk printed fabrics sides. Covered with clear vinyl. Double white vinyl handles. - I though it was very Yellow Submarine or Peter Max! Fully lined in off white, marshmallow vinyl. Chained clear, vinyl coin purse, still contains original advertising. Measures a roomy 15" x 4 1/2" 8 3/4". Could even carry your yellow, polka-dot bikini! SOLD for $45 at The Bag Lady Emporium

A00259: Bright and Bodacious Black Loop Pile Tapestry bag by JR USA. The black Background pops the colors forward! The gold metal fittings really shine, especially the turn-style latch of the envelope flap. The spacious interior is divided into 3 sections by a pair of large gusset mounted metal zip pockets. Excellent condition inside and out. Measures an ample 11 x 4 1/2 x 7 1/2".

Valued at $75 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

990658: Remarkable JR Florida Bright navy handbag in a burlap-type woven fabric. Lighter blue front panel is embellished with latch hook pansies, sculpted like a Chinese rug! each petal is individually contoured! Handle and frame are dark navy vinyl as is the fully lined interior which features one large open and one metal zip pocket. Wonderful condition. Measures a substantial 12 1/2 x 3 x 10 1/2". SOLD for $75 at The Bag Lady Emporium


Marc Resnick shared this history of his great-uncle Julius Resnick and the handbag firm in 2009. "Our family is no longer involved with JR Handbags. In fact, I think the company and brand have now been "absorbed". According to WWD archives, after the death of Julius Resnick in 1980, Julius Resnick, Inc. was acquired by handbag manufacturers Mutterperl Group, Ltd. in August 1986. In November 1992 the Mutterperl Group dissolved and the Julius Resnick brand was purchased by the British handbag conglomerate Hartstone Group PLC."

See Stylemark by Mutterperl StylemarkByMutterperl.

As of December 2006, Julius Resnick is still in business at 46 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016 (212) 889-0340.

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