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Location December 1935:

Import Bag & Bead Corp.
15 E. 32nd St.
New York City
MUrray Hill 4-5116

December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods features Resort Bags for winter travel on page 42

In August 1936, hand beaded and sequined bags were still being imported into the US in large numbers. Luggage & Leather Goods of that month carries this display ad (page 65) and these examples of Import Bag & Bead Corp's Fall 1936 line (page 40.)

The July 1935 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods documents the buying ang research trips taken annually by members of the US Handbag industry. Mrs Audrey Strauss made a 9 week trip for Import Bag & Bead and covered a lot of ground!

She retraced her steps the next summer. After an extended trip to Europe, the stylist for Import Bag & Bead had these observations about the evening bags for 1936. Her observations on sales and leisure activities, in stark contrast to the Depression Era conditions existing for the majority of people in the US, seem a bit incomprehensible.

Mrs. Straus Predicts Evening Bag Trends

Mrs. Audrey M. Straus, stylist for Import Bag and Bead Corp., stated very emphatically that prices at this house would not be advanced for the fall season. Mrs. Straus returned last month from her extended buying trip for her firm in Paris, Belgium and Czechoslovakia. She commented on the way other importers are talking about higher prices. As for her firm the very opposite holds true, she said.

"Prices will be no higher. In fact, we think the values are even better than last year," said Mrs. Straus.

The line of evening bags here offers 400 numbers which is the largest fall line Import has ever shown. Mrs. Straus says that everything points to a glowing season for evening bags. People are going about more—to night spots, on trips, and getting about seems to be the thing to do. Beads, sequins and rhinestones are in the lead and the very feminine touch is apparent in everything. Gold, as usual at this time of the year, is leading, but the later favor for silver may be expected as usual also, thinks Mrs. Straus.

Something new in the bead line is the use of figures of children, animal and birds. Mirror plaques in the sequin, line and white silk sequins are also new. Mrs. Straus speaks confidently of the top handle interest in evening bags.

Showing the favor expected of rhinestones Import's line this year has more than 30 numbers as against 6 in that end last year. The house is going into stones much stronger and have these up to $10 retail. This price expansion is due to the feeling that there will be a lot of higher priced evening bags sold this season.

Mrs. Straus commented on the excellent early business which was placed last month. She stated that buyer demand for evening bags in early July was unprecedented, which prompted the house to make an earlier than usual showing.


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