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Location July 1947:

Hilf Bag Co. Inc.
14 East 33rd Street
New York, NY

"From Minneapolis, from Boston, from Baltimore and from Seattle come calls for matching accessories. Women, the country over, are learning to complete their costumes effectively by shoes, bag and gloves, or hat, scarf and gloves, which all match and which contrast with the dress or suit worn. Buyers, therefore, are scurrying from glove house to bag house matching samples of leather, are conferring with milliners and neckwear manufacturers to obtain the ensembled accessories which their customers demand. Following the Fashion Group luncheon meeting of October 17th which was reported in the November issue of LUGGAGE AND LEATHER GOODS, plans are now being made whereby the accessory industries will meet together to select a number of staple shades in advance of each season, which all will follow. The plan is being sponsored by the leaders of the glove, handbag, shoe and belt industries. When the shades are determined on, samples will be sent to stores and wide publicity will be given to the shades so that they will become nationally known—to consumers and stores. The organization of the Accessory Color committee is now under way and it is hoped that the members can start working together early enough to select the shades for Spring which can be coordinated throughout the accessory industries."(December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 62)

The Handbag News column of the February 1942 Luggage & Leather carried this story on page 64.

Large Soft Styles Important

"Red and tan are receiving greatest interest in novelty colors according to Hilf Bag Mfg. Co. This firm is showing a group of cape bags to retail at $5 in amply proportioned soft and tailored styles. Especially interesting in this group is a deep flapped envelope with a pouch body and a covered lock. Other colors in the cape group are black, navy, beige and kelly.
This house is also showing a number of models in grained calf, morocco and patent trimmed with snakeskin, cape or gabardine. These are all designed to retail around $5. The firm is also showing a few underarm and top handle models in calf to retail at $7.50."

Handbags Illustrated began in July 1945 as a selling tool for manufacturers. The large format presentation was almost entirely photographs or drawings of bags. An insert included details on the lines, including style numbers, wholesale prices, fabric and color choices available for each bag.

This full page ad in the July 1947 issue was, perhaps, long on promise and short on specifics! But it provided a long sought address for Hilf Bag Co.

same issue, page 56

"There is something new a'foot at Hilf Bag Co. and it is an idea worthy of note. Miss Sylvia D. Zimmerman, fashion coordinator at the firm has added to her duties the important and impressive chore of acting as liaison officer between handbag buyers and Hilf Bag. In the expansion of her duties Miss Zimmerman is filling a long felt need in the industry; namely that of bringing the problems of each—the buyer and the manufacturer—to the fore in an attempt to reach a conclusion satisfactory to both. Many of the buyers in town for the market season have taken advantage of this service and have found that their queries and problems on fashion and value have been answered. Miss Zimmerman is expertly equipped to handle her new role of liaison officer having been in the industry for many years, serving in various fashion capacities and knowing the fashion and merchandising end of handbags thoroughly. Hats off to Hilf for the inauguration of this forward step in manufacturer-retailer relations."

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