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Documentation of Herb Venzer and Venzer Carryals hasn't been easy to find. So this example in the "Plastics...Leather...Fabrics...Early Spring News" article of the December 1951 Luggage & Leather Goods as a treasure (page 57.)

The Siam style in either single OR Double Decker carryal is one I've never seen. Anyone out there have one?

"DOUBLE DECKER "SIAM" in clear lucite also comes in shell. Note triple handle, self lock. Also in single decker. Practically priced at Venzer Carryals."


This outrageous Venzer example is a double lid laminated lucite bag. The fiberous texture, with blocks of tomato red, lemon yellow and pea green are simply over the top! Note the latch is the same as the Siam bag above. This dual lid design is unique! The bag sold online in 2005 for $230.

This delightful Venzer bag exhibits the handle and interior partitions often diagnostic of their bags.

B00043: Herb Venzer clear Lucite bag w Teardrop Rhinestones A Pert clear Lucite sculptural box bag with amazing fully embedded teardrop RHINESTONES sparkling front, back and sides! This signed Herb Venzer bag is very rare. The interior is divided by clear Lucite partitions into sections for wallet, lipstick and other essentials. Don't you just love the swoop of that handle? Some slight surface wear, mostly on the interior. Otherwise excellent condition. Measures 6 1/2 x 3 1/8 x 3 3/4".

This bag sold for $295 in 2001 at The Bag Lady Emporium

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