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Location August 1956:
Harry Rosenfeld
16 E. 34th St.
New York

Observation on the line and examples of bags by Harry Rosenfeld are features in the March 1955 issue of Handbags & Accessories.

With Holiday 1956 sales in view, special attention was directed to unique evening, trendy and novelty styles on pages 16-17 of "Handbags & Accessories" August 1956.

Show the unusual in special occasion bags
Offer formal and cocktail types, practical travel companions, fur and feather bags and fanciful novelties to those seeking something new to meet changing needs

"SUEDE cocktail bags with weighted flaps are trimmed with crystal and pearl and inserts of beauvais embroidery. Also available in twi-faille. Harry Rosenfeld, 16 E. 34th St."


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