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Location September 1928:

Halberstadt & Co.
Wolf Bros, Inc.
42 West 34th St.
New York, N.Y

The prominence of Halberstadt & Co and Wolf Bros in the New York handbag industry is indicated by the election of B. Halberstadt to the post of Vice President and head of the Style committee of the Association of Leather Goods Manufacturers in 1928.

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This example was exhibited at the 1928 August Leather Goods Show 1928AugustLeatherGoodsShow and was illustrated on page 64 of the September issue of Trunks and Leather Goods.

This is the display at the show, illustrated on page 66 of the same issue.

The August 1936 issue of Luggage and Leather goods featured this soft suede bag with bracelet handle as a representative of Halberstadt's Fall line.

The same issue covered the retrun from Europe of Mr. & Mrs Bert Halberstadt on the Liner Champlain.

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