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Location June 1956:

Bags by Greta
Greta Originals
12 East 33rd St.
New York 16, N.Y.

Trend setting Fall shoe designs were featured in "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 18. The ensemble was designed by Sylvia Hamilton for Greta Originals and retailed for $29.50, or $222 in 2006 dollars.

"Promenade brown suede with gray Calcutta lizard is the fashion theme of this group. The bag has a dressy but classic quality with its double buckled strap handles."

The 1950s

Spring 1955 Greta line is detailed on page 30 of the January issue of Handbags & Accessories, page 30.

Greta bags are bold or understated

Big dramatic bags or smaller tailored styles with exquisitely simple lines, are the special talents of Greta of Greta Originals, a line that goes up to $35.00 retail.

Starring in the exciting spring collection is a specially priced number to retail at $12.50. It's a huge flat envelope with deep flap that tucks into a front pocket . . . done in both striped denim and burlap in a raft of colors. Greta's favorite hooded giant tote appears now in white spongeable giant calf with contrasting black handles and piping, as well as in dark solids, to sell at $25.00. This tote also appears in fabrics . . . black and white striped denim, black burlap with calf or patent hood, and tapestry ... to sell at $18.95. Also repeated for spring, is the big cylindrical town casual, new in black burlap and a black and white tweedy boucle fabric.

Finer grain calf is used in a small version of the hooded tote and also in a hooded box with rigid silver or gold snake handle, priced to sell at $25 and $22.50 respectively. One of the smartest calf bags here is done in two sizes. It's a lean square frameless bag, leather lined, with a flap that tucks into a front pocket and double loop handles that join in a slip knot in the center.

Washable capeskin Capeskin in beautiful new pale pastels—blue, mimosa yellow, pink and white—is seen in small dainty bags and pastel pigskin is used for a pencil box style. Plastic patent, in black, gun-metal and copper appears in larger bags and patent leather, in better smaller styles. Still others are done in light lustre calf shades.

The October 1955 "Handbags & Accessories" features an extensive collection of bags for The Holidays and these words of guidance for buyers looking for enticing possibilities.

Show novelties and classics for Christmas

MATERIALS: look for fur, the real thing and imitations thereof processed cowhide elegant calf, rich suede
DETAILS: note whangee touches, medallions tabs end buckles double entry openings
SHAPES: include severe through softened silhouettes continue the slim look

"CLEAN CUT LINES distinguish leather lined calf bag with covered sunken frame. High fashion colors. Deep pockets inside and out. Rigid handle is leather covered. Greta Originals"

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 17

Accessory market round-up

"Greta Originals begin with fine calfs to retail about $22.50 and run to about $50.00 retailers. Some more elegant fur items run higher. Fake furs, and some velvet and velveteen items, retail at about $18.95. There are some shag bags at about $25. Outstanding shape wise are a very long underarm calf envelope with a handle that slides into a flat position and a very deep vagabond with neatly fitting calf collar and shag (reversed cowhide) body"

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 36

Accessory market round-up

"Calf, suede, seal, leopard, shag and buck are used in wide and long pouches in new soft shapes at Greta Originals, 12 E. 33rd St. The bulk of these bags will retail from $22.50-$45. Among tailored bags there is much attention to the rounded look, to flap and tab detail and to new combinations of materials. A huge pouch, flat on back, combines snakeskin with black suede. This shoulder strap bag has an interesting fluted adjustable metal close and a cobra handle. It is also offered in suede with calf. Civet cat appears in a cord handled vagabond with gussets, base, and center strip of black calf. Among dressy bags is a long, very flat, satin-lined white fur bag with delicate buckle close, and long, narrow calf shoulder strap that is grasped like a handle. A perfectly square satin evening bag has its handle at one corner so that when worn, the square becomes a diamond shape. Lined in two color satin, bag has a gusset at one side only to make it functional and at the same time flat-looking. An envelope of gold ranch hide has a gold satin lining and three back handle straps for gloves or theater programs. Marquisite ornaments are outstanding on other small shapes for evening." (Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 56)

Half page ad Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 57

The 1960s

Display ad June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories," page 54

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