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Location August 1956:
F.O. Merz Co.
225 Fifth Avenue
New York 10. N. Y.

104-6 N. 63rd Street
Phila. 39, Pa

Other Locations
101 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.
2701 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, Fla.
1506 Merchandise Mart, Chicago 54, III.

Founded 1931, F.O. Merz celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1956.

Full page ad for F.O. Merz Antelope leather bags mentions the problem of crocking in suede leathers. Antelope leather does not crock and was a superior product. "Handbags & Accessories," August 1956, page 7 .

Ultimate In Elegance

"From Spain comes this trend-setting collection of luxurious antelope handbags . . . each inspired design artfully executed. Exquisitely finished, with careful attention to detail . . . many are leather-lined. Entire line exclusive with Merz. Retail from $5.00 to $35.00.
Antelope is the only skin that doesn't rub off, won't crock.
Complete line on display at all Gift Shows, and at our permanent showrooms. Send for sample assortment and illustrated folders."

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