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Location June 1949:

Esskay Handbags
286 Fifth Ave.
New York 1, N.Y.

9 E. 19th St.
New York 3, N.Y.

Display ad "Handbag Buyer" June 1949. page 34

The "What's New in Handbags" column on page 55 of the same "Handbag Buyer" June 1949 issue details Esskay's patchwork approach to alligator bags.

Pieced Alligator in New Styles

"Genuine alligator is skillfully pieced in trim designs to make this luxury skin accessible to a large customer potential who would ordinarily have to forego alligator bags at full-skin prices. Outstanding among the pieced models shown is a cylindrical vanity box with double handles and a special pocket inside tailored to hold a package of cigarettes in addition to regular mirror pocket and change purse. A leading cigarette firm is cooperating to provide dummy packages in each bag.
The same house also makes a series of fine bags in full-skin cobra and lizagator. Included are boxes, contoured underarm bags and a series of highly styled top zipper swagger bags of various sizes.
Linings in the better bags will be of plastic material which faithfully simulates natural leather but is both washable and durable.
Colors run through a full range and any combinations or shades are supplied for shoe coordinations, which are a specialty here."

The 1950's

Display ad February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 74

Our spring line is a hit!
We are showing an exciting selection of new styles in genuine alligator, cobra snake, lizagator coordinated with leading mfrs. of reptile shoes.

Showroom: 286 Fifth Ave.. N. Y. 1
Factory: 9 E. 19th St.. N. Y. 2
Chicago: 36 So. State St.

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