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Location August 1942:

Duchess Handbag Co.
306 Fifth Ave.
New York

Location February 1961:

Duchess Handbag Comapny, Inc.
6 W. 32nd St.
New York

Handbag News August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 562

In New Location

The Duchess Handbag Company has moved to larger quarters at 306 Fifth Avenue, and will occupy the entire floor. They are manufacturing handbags in both leather and fabric to retail at $2.95 and $3,95.
Frank Gelb will handle production and act as sample maker. William Wolff will act as Sales Manager and in a general executive capacity.

February 1961 Handbags & Accessories, page 39

Half page ad June 1961 "Handbag & Accessories," page 22

The "Out of the Bag" column in the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories" included this tidbit. (page 55)

"WELCOME BACK ... to Roberta Friedman, six year old daughter of Larry Friedman of Dutchess Handbag Co. We're glad to hear that Roberta is well and back in school after minor surgery."

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