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Location February 1950:

Daval Handbags
366 Fifth Ave.
Room 906
N.Y. 1, N.Y.

Display ad February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 68

America's top $2.98 retailer
It's no secret why Daval bags outsell all others! They're tops in style and value . . . priced right for quick sales and steady profits.
worn over shoulder or arm Hold everything . . . those are really 6 pockets — 4 open ; 2 zippered. Fully lined in simulated suede. PLASTIC CALF, SUEDE, PATENT or ALLIGATOR. All colors.

The HANDBAGS column on page 69 of the same February 1950 "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" included this notice regarding Daval.

Brass Now with Daval Exclusively

Charles Brass has been named New York sales representative of Daval Handbags. Mr. Brass, who for the past 30 years has been selling on the West Coast, relinquished all other bag lines.
The same February 1950 "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" issue included this Irving Friedman Co. ad, featuring the Daval Pocketeer, style #707.

6 Pockets — 2 Inside Zippers
#707 — Patent, Suede, Alligator, Calf.
$22.50 doz., 3/10 E.O.M.
Lined in Rich-Looking Leather-Like Suede — to Add Interior Appeal to This Volume Bag!

Friedman manufactured the lining and represented makers of other fittings for handbags.

''LUXURIOUS LININGS THAT COST LITTLE. MEAN MUCH IN SALES! Imitation Skiver Plastic or Suedine, with the soft hand and perfect drapery that makes low-priced handbag! look more expensive—sell faster. Why not give your handbag line this big advantage!''


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