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Alligator bags, many with body parts.

Imports of Cuban Handbag

"The National Authority for the Ladies' Handbag Industry National Authority For The Ladies Handbag Industry is opposed to a continuation of a preferential rate of duty on reptile handbags imported from Cuba. The Association is urging the President and the Secretary of State to formulate policy now to put imports of these commodities from Cuba on an equal basis with imports from other countries, in anticipation of GATT tariff conferences to be held in Geneva in September 1960.

In letters to the President and the Secretary of State, the Association said: "The present rate of duty on Cuban handbags made from reptile leather is 14 per cent and from other countries it is 171/2 per cent. This rate resulted from a reduction in the general rate in a trade agreement with Cuba put into effect in September 1934, under which the Cuban products were entitled to a 20 per cent preferential rate.

"Whatever the reasons for the original preferential treatment granted Cuba in 1934 were, as concerns handbags, they no longer exist today. The Cuban handbag industry after 25 years cannot any longer be considered an infant industry and worthy of preferential treatment. In view of the unfair competitive conditions, continuation of this preferential tariff treatment is a disservice to the domestic handbag manufacturing industry.

"This proposal is not motivated by the political climate that exists in Cuba today, but rather is a matter of fairness and consideration of the well-being of the domestic industry. The Association urged the increase in the rate of duty on Cuban imports in 1954 and renews this request because less reason exists today than anytime in the past for the Deferential treatment to Cuba." (Handbags & Accessories December 1955, page 68)


960404: 960404: Classic Cuban alligator box bag. Laced edge detail around sides and front flap. Single snap latch. Fully lined in brown oilcloth. Marked “Genuine Alligator Made in Cuba.” The metal zip pocket is dry with age. Some wear on the single strap handle. The bag a stylish and very usable. Measures 8 1/4 by 3 3/4 by 3 3/4 with a 16 inch handle. SOLD for $65 on 2000

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