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Location August 1942:

Classy Leather Goods Co.
6 East 32nd St.
New York

Easter Bags for the family were featured on page 46 of the February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, including this offering from Empress Handbags.

"A smart suit bag for mother or daughter is this simulated saddle leather featured in natural or dark brown with contrasting stitching. The envelope pocket on outside has many uses. Retails about $1.69. From Classy Leather Gds."

Display ad page 60 of the same issue.

Display ad page 54 August 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods.

Sell A Bag For Every Mood was the notion in low price bag sales August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 44.

Especially good in bright colors is this fabric bag that will complement tweeds. The design is done in simulated stitching on soft cotton felt finished material. The frame is light wood. Retail on this is $1.69. Featured by Classy Leather Goods Corp

Classy Has Farewell Party

Classy Leather Goods had a big party in their showrooms on July 10, for Sam Elowitz, their New England representative. Mr. Elowitz left for the army and will temporarily be stationed at Camp Upton.
Herbie Kirsch, formerly covering Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore for the firm sends greetings to his friends through brother Gerald, also with Classy. Herbie is now Private First Class and is stationed in Hawaii. (August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 51)

Classy Making WAAC Handbag

The contract for the official handbag of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps has been awarded to Classy Leather Goods Corp. According to Joe Rudolph of the firm, it is of simulated calf in Golden Tobacco color, and is made in two types. Each issue will consist of an over-the-shoulder kit bag and a similar miniature one with, a back strap to be attached to the belt. The interior of both bags is fitted with numerous pockets and the bags are designed to give utmost service. (August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 53)

Location June 1949:

Classy Leather Goods Corp.
15 E. 32 St.
New York, N.Y.

Display ad "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 55

The 1950s

Spring bags for daily use were highlighted on page 50 of the February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories."

Bags for the Subway Circuit Are Couture-Conscious Too
Sell Fashion to sell volume and the market gives you volumes to work with smart new grains and high-style adaptions that belie their budget tabs

"ATTRACTIVE OBLONG vanity uses center metal-edged dividing panel. Stitched-flap closing and rounded corners add fine touch to plastic saddle. By Classy Leather Goods."

January 1955 Handbags & Accessories, back inner cover


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