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Location December 1935:

Celluloid Corporation
10 East 40th St.
New York, NY

"Celluloid plant housed 2,000 employees and covered 27 Newark acres. This plant manufactured many other synthetic plastics in addition to parent, "Celluloid."

Established in 1872, Celluloid Corporation produced early plastics, initially made from natural materials like cellulose. "The word "celluloid" was registered as a trademark in 1873 by its inventor, John Wesley Hyatt. This registration marked the beginnings of the plastic industry. In 1912 the corporation invented Lumarith, a true thermoplastic, meaning it could be molded or cast into any conceivable form without undergoing a chemical change. It came in powder form (granules) for the new injection molding processes. It was injected into the mold and in a matter of seconds the finished article was ejected." For more on Celluloid Corporation, visit American History Archives

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