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Location June 1942:

Casper Lowenstein Inc.
347 5th Avenue
New York
LExington 2-7575

June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 51

The 1950s

This full page ad for Casper Lowenstein handbag frames featured and example of American Handbag's line in the February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 89.


CASPER LOWENSTEIN....your best source for better frames.
"'In our better handbags Casper Lowenstein frames guarantee us high quality as well as high fashion!" American Handbags, Inc. AmericanHandbagsAmericanModes
''American Handbags, Inc., one of the country's foremost manufacturers of better handbags, builds its newest American Modes creation with a Casper Lowenstein frame. "We have long depended on Casper Lowenstein for frames which emphasize quality as much as fashion appeal," says American Handbags, Inc.

There's no substitute for Casper Lowenstein quality. You see it in the uniform excellence of finish—in the fashion-right color—in the smooth-working locks—in all the little details which are the earmarks of fine workmanship.

In styling, too, Casper Lowenstein frames have no equal. Their refreshing originality constantly stimulates profit-building sales.

Join the nation's outstanding manufacturers of better handbags—build your bags with the best-made, best-selling frames of all—Casper Lowenstein frames!

Casper Lowenstein
Norwalk, Conn.
Sales Office: 347 Fifth Ave., N. Y. LExington 2-7575
division of Fedders-Quigan Corp.\\''

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