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Marc Resnick has provided the some details on Carlin & Fried. His great-aunt Faigy Resnick Carlin (sister of Julius Resnick JRJuliusResnick) came to this country in the early 20th Century. She married Morris Carlin who was a principle in Carlin CarlinBrosInc and later Carlin & Fried CarlinFriedInc. After Morris' death in 1953, his partner Louis Fried with Carlin Bros. to form Carlin Bros. Fried to direct designing and promotion and assist with production.

The rather complex history of Carlin & Fried CarlinFriedInc, Carlin Bros CarlinBrosInc and their merger into Carlin Bros & Fried can be tracked by their bags. This Carlin & Fried pre-merger bags was part of the 1954 Fall line and is found on page 32 of the July 1954 issue of Handbags & Accessories.

The January 1955 issue of "Handbags & Accessories" announced the merger of Carlin Bros CarlinBrosInc and Carlin & Fried CarlinFriedInc into Carlin Bros & Fried, Inc, effective January 1, 1955.

A story in the Trade News column on page 58 explains the merger.

Carlin Bros, and Carlin & Fried,

bag firms have effected a merger as of January 1, 1955. The firm now is known as Carlin Bros. & Fried, Inc. with showroom and office at 330 Fifth Avenue, New York, the previous home of Carlin Bros. Under the new set up, Harry Carlin will be in charge of sales and Max Carlin will handle production operations. Louis Fried, sole owner of Carlin & Fried since Morris Carlin's death in 1953, will direct designing and promotion and assist with production.

They will continue making $3 retail fabric and plastic bags in its five plants. The new firm plans a greatly increased production."

January 1955 Showroom and Office Location:

Carlin Bros & Fried
330 Fifth Avenue
New York

The May 1955 issue of Handbags & Accessories used Carlin Bros. & Fried bags to illustrate Samar Rattan vinyl by FederalLeatherCo.

This great bag came and went from The Bag Lady Emporium before I knew who had actually made it! I'm glad to finally be wise enough to put a name to the bag.

A00302: Funky 50ís Black vinyl Bucket bag by CB and F. The volume of the bag increases from the 4" diameter round bottom of the bag to a 6" square at the top! The spotless black taffeta interior includes a large lid mounted square mirror. There is a slight wrinkle at the base of the bag (see detail,) otherwise the condition is perfect. Measures a full 6 1/2" tall. SOLD

scan Jan 55 H&A pg 58 re merger

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