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Location July 1947:

Buchner Import Company Inc.
339 Fifth Avenue
New York 16, NY

June 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 55

Unusual Features at Buchner

Unusual and fascinating ideas have been developed by Buchner Import Co. for the fall collection. One group, which Mrs. Buchner, the designer, has named "Souf-flees", is particularly new in feeling. These bags are developed in broadcloth with an embroidered pattern of fine jet beads.
That rare and beautiful imported French antelope is being shown. Called "Antelope Garni", one style is shown with a chenille dot. It has a gold plated frame and is fitted exquisitely, as are all the bags made by this house.
Intricate shell frames and those handy facile closings are used extensively. Cobra, a specialty of this firm, is included in many of the fall styles. Mrs. Buchner's famous defense bag is beautifully executed in cobra. This mammoth over-the-shoulder style has an outside swagger pocket, removable strap, is all leather lined and contains leather ration folder, with war stamp book enclosed, a gin rummy score pad, first aid kit, memo pad, sewing kit, deck of cards, pack of cigarettes, flashlight, coin purse and comb. All these accessories are in the bag without adding too much bulk. The Defense Bag is shown also in Timbertanned calf, gabardine and English morocco.

July 1947 Handbags Illustrated, page 5


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