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Location February 1961:

Boonton Bag Co.
15 East 32nd St.
New York

Details of the 1961 Spring line from the "Handbag Briefs" column are featured on page 41 of the same issue.

"$2, $3 and $5 retailers in casual bags and tailored styles are featured at Boonton, 15 E. 32nd St. Mello-Glo in coffee cream, white, black, lilac, sea-foam and patent plastic is shaped into pouchy, shirred styles which vary in size according to price. Much frame detail is shown including lucite trim and step-up designs. Handles are also treated in unique fashion. Small tailored bags and large grained casuals are introduced in the $2 and $3 range. In the vinyl line, gold and white is an important motif as are flowers in all white or beige tones."

Fall 1961 offerings from various makers were displayed together in this article on page 28-29 of the June 1961 issue of "Handbags & Accessories."

"The wide ribbon handle and clasp set with jet makes a fashion bag. Boonton Handbags, 15 E. 32 St., makes this large pouch in soft, otter plastic (top center)."

Further elaboration on the Boonton Fall line is to be found on page 59 of the June 1961 "Handbags & Accessories."

"Boonton Handbags, 15 E. 32nd St., makes bags in the $2., $3., and $5 price range. At $2., many shapes are made in Mello-Glow—a plastic material. The colors are green, dark brown, mulberry and otter. This line includes an east west, a flat, draped satchel and a front-pocketed tote. At $3., the bags are larger and faille lined. A long underarm is most attractive. The soft look predominates in the $5. group. Made of Allegra which is very sturdy, and washable, the bags are softly shirred and pretilly shaped into pouches. One bag has a Florentine finish clasp. Boonton also has a complete line of back-to-school casuals to retail for $1.98. One of these bags has a detachable belt. Another cut item is a corduroy clutch in a crazy quilt pattern. This will coordinate with matching sneakers. A terrific teen item."


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