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Location June 1956:
Charles Block
366 5th Ave.
New York

January 1955 Handbags & Accessories, page 27 includes this full page ad for Black Calf leather from American Hide and Leather Co. AmericanHideLeatherCo An upright stance handbag by Charles E. Block is chosen to illustrate.

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry 1956 1956NationalAuthorityMembers and 1960 1960NationalAuthorityMembers.

Accessory market round-up

"In a line of new casual bags at Charles Block, 366 5th Ave., matte and veluto are used in some leather lined bags to retail from $10.95-$15. Colors to match shoes include fieldstone, golden sable, chevron, town brown, briar-wood, and others. Scotch grains are important. In kip, a luggage type slim bag comes in three sizes. Perforated work in an appliqued flap has self leather on the underside. Puffing is effectively used on a leather lined satchel. Non-crock suede is used in three deep flap envelope clutches with pearl or rhinestone motifs in wedding band, eternal circle and buckle themes. These will retail at $7.95 in black, brown, or navy.'' (Handbags & Accessories June 1956, page 56)

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