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Location February 1950:

Biekoh Bags, Inc.
Makers of Barry Bags
12 East 33rd Street
New York 15, N.Y.

Quarter page ad "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" February 1950, page 10

"Better Buy Barry by Biekoh" buzz the buyers of better bags\\Not just a slogan but a fact.
Buyers know we've done a top job in moulding faille, leather and straw into a promotional line of items to retail from about $10.00 to $15.00.
We are also unveiling our newly designed personalized monogrammed plaques plated with 24k. gold and mock tortoise shell. If you liked them last year you'll love them this year.
Make a note to see the Barry line the first chance you get.

Handbags column of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories" February 1950, page 77.

Spring Line at Barry Bags
The spring series of Barry bags by Biekoh features a group of beautifully styled boxes and frame bags of highest grade kip, so carefully selected and finished that it is almost indistinguishable to the eye from calf. Use of the slightly larger skins makes possible a dividend in design and workmanship in this medium priced collection, points out owner Irving Bienen.
All the new bags are designed to take the famous Biekoh cut-out monogram, which is now being made in mock shell as well as gold.

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